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Design Solutions is a revolutionary design software with user-friendly interface for drafting.

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DS Library

A platform empowering local furniture and materials suppliers to feature their wide range of products.

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Drafting Services


2D Drafting Services

  • Preliminary drawings
  • Tender drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Detailed drawings


3D Drafting Services

Generate models into 3D render perspective views in 4k resolution.


VR Rendering Services

Turn your SketchUp and 3DS Max models & designs into VR panoramic views in 4k resolution.

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Design Scanning Solution (DSS)

DSS is a Photo and 3D Capture system that provide realistic, and VR experiences and high-quality visuals interactive 3D walkthroughs.

The Future of
Interior Design is Here

Say goodbye to sleepless nights of designing and endless back-and-forth with your clients.

  • Create an immersive 720-degree viewing experience.
  • An extensive library of furniture, accessories and appliances.
  • Deliver designs to impress your clients.

Have a clear sight of how your future homes will look like with accuracy that is at par with reality.

  • Visualize the property with VR feature.
  • Purchase furniture and materials that designer used via e-commerce platform.

No more building multiple showrooms or scheduling time slots for clients to view a show flat.

  • Showcase all flats designs and floor plans at a fraction of the cost.
  • Clients are able to view property all at once with interactive virtual walkthrough.

Bring your business to e-commerce.

  • Understand what is the trends and needs from the market.
  • Showcase your furniture and material online for customer to purchase.
  • Platform for product provider for wider recognition and sales.
  • Data analysis service for monitoring furniture and material based on usage of the product.

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