5 Crucial Perspectives Where Virtual Reality is taking over BIG TIME

DS Team

February 26, 2019

Technology is continually changing the way we live our lives. We have smartphones that make it easier to communicate to other people from across the globe. We have also given people with hearing loss the ability to hear once again with the help of hearing aids. Technology has also touched how we design our architectural and interior design workflows. How is this so? This is all thanks to virtual reality. Let’s learn more about it here.

What is Virtual Reality?

If you would come to think about it, virtual reality are two very different elements. “Virtual” is defined as “almost or near while “reality” is what we experience. If you put those two together, you get “near-reality”. It’s putting our senses and perception systems into a three-dimensional environment that is computer generated. This immersive experience allows the person to explore and interact with this environment.

Still on the bridge about VR? Well, allow us to help you cross it. Here are a few reasons on why you should invest on VR technology.

  • It gives a feel on real-world scenarios

Imagine you need to know how people would interact in a living room, or how people would use an emergency exit. With the help of VR, you can easily get insight on how this would happen naturally. With the help of VR, creating your future designs is so much easier.

  • It saves time on repetitive redesigning

Creatives can easily relate to this. Constantly redesigning an artwork because it failed to meet standards, an error was made, or it simply just wasn’t correct. After giving comments on the project, the artist would have to either amend the mistakes or start from scratch — depending on how heavy the error is.

VR reduces the time and effort that would be put to redesigning. It allows the client to experience the design first hand. This way, they can tell what they like and what they don’t like. The designer can then make revisions without delay. This is both enjoyable and efficient. Design Solutions’ features allow changes to be made easily and quickly. Design Solutions uses virtual reality to allow the client to experience it first-hand with minimal effort.

  • It is inexpensive

VR technology equipment are generally low compared to other options. A device would cost around S$1000. It’s a great investment because you can use the device over and over again for each client you have. It might seem costly but you can easily get that back with just a single (or a few) clients who would use the service.

  • It allows you to be ahead of the game

In this business, there are a lot of competition. How do you make yourself stand out? With a great portfolio? Persuasive account managers? Or just plain dumb luck? Get the advantage that VR technology can provide. Why keep pace with the competition when you can be ahead of them. Be first in the game when you use VR with your services. Sooner or later, you’ll see other companies doing the same. Remember that the way you market it also helps big time.

  • It’s a huge advantage

Aside from those stated above, VR will help your design be chosen. It increases your chances of closing a deal. How is this so? The realistic view with VR allows the user to walk through and see your design in action. They can see how one object works or if the designs complement each other. You are also able to have a sense of spatial awareness when you are designing in virtual reality. As compared to old school designing, this will be your edge.

This incredible step will now and forever revolutionize the way we design. Now is the time to take everything to the next level. No need to look further because Design Solutions has a virtual reality feature! Wow users with a true-to-life 720° panoramic view of your designs. Sign up and design your story today!


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